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Vienna International Arbitral Center
Wiedner Hauptstraße 63, 1045 Vienna
+43 (0)5 90 900 4397
+43 (0)5 90 900 216


The Vienna International Arbitral Center is located in Vienna/Austria. It is one of Europe’s leading arbitral institutions and serves as a focal point for the settlement of commercial disputes in the international community. The VIAC was founded in 1975 as a permanent arbitral institution of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and has since then administered over 1,800 proceedings from a diverse range of parties spanning Europe, the Americas and Asia. The arbitral proceedings are individually designed according to the parties’ requirements and meet the highest quality criteria.

Austria’s success is based on its status as a neutral country, stable legal system, track record of bridging disputes between East and West, and its location in the heart of Europe. The VIAC is proud that more and more Asian arbitration practitioners acknowledge the VIAC’s leading role as one of the prime Western arbitration institutions with its particular focus on Central and Eastern European-related disputes. VIAC has conducted several Roadshows to Asia including China, HongKong, Korea the past years which were a great success and have led to an increase in cases from that region.

The VIAC benefits from a robust global network of leading arbitrators experienced in international arbitration under the Vienna Rules. Austria has adopted the UNCITRAL Model Law as its law of arbitration in 2006 with minor changes thus ensuring that the lex arbitri is in conformity with international standards. Moreover the Austrian Supreme Court is the first and only instance in setting aside arbitral awards.

The VIAC’s arbitration rules (“Vienna Rules”) provide the possibility for the parties to agree on fast-track proceedings, independent of the amount in dispute. Arbitrators are granted a broad flexibility in adjusting the proceedings to fit the individual needs of the case in order to achieve a tailor-made procedural framework. If the parties fail to agree on the number of arbitrators, the Board of VIAC, will determine the number of arbitrators and in case of default also the arbitrator itself. The Vienna rules contain a schedule of fees (registration fee, administrative fees and fees for arbitrators), which are calculated individually based on the amount in dispute. Compared to many other arbitral institutions, the VIAC´s fees are very moderate.

To even better meet the needs of their users, the Vienna Rules are available, besides the authentic German and English version, in Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Polish and soon also in Romanian, Korean and Turkish.

European Centre For Dispute Resolution


Tomšiceva ulica 6
1000 Ljubljana

+386 8 20 56 590

We offer fast and user-friendly procedures for resolution of commercial, consumer, labor, family and other civil domestic and cross-border disputes with mediation, arbitration and other alternative procedures. Our experts are reputed arbitrators, mediators and other neutrals, who you may select for resolution of your problems.

ECDR is also internationally active. In recent 15 years ECDR experts participated in many international long-term and short-term projects and initiatives concerning rule of law reforms in the area of SE Europe and wider.

ECDR offers wide range of services aimed at dispute prevention, management and resolution from dispute system design, partnering or mediation in corporate governance conflicts to early neutral evaluation, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, rent-a-judge or hybrid processes like med-arb and arb-med in both, domestic and cross-border disputes.

Ljubljana Arbitration Centre at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia


Dimičeva ulica 13
1000 Ljubljana

T: +386 1 5898 180
F: +386 1 5898 400


The Ljubljana Arbitration Centre at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (the LAC) is one of the leading arbitral institutions in the regions of the CEE and SEE. Since its inception in 1928, the LAC has administered several hundred commercial disputes.

The subject matter of disputes is wide and varied and includes all aspects of international commerce, including international sale, distributorship, agency, telecommunications, oil and gas, construction, joint ventures, shipping, pharmaceuticals, IT, corporate, finance and banking, insurance, concessions, public-private partnerships, etc.

The Ljubljana Arbitration Rules (2014) follow the modern international trends in institutional arbitration and ensure the parties a speedy and efficient arbitration tailored to their needs. Where the dispute is less complicated or the amount in dispute is low and a fast resolution is particularly important to the parties, the parties may make use of the Expedited Arbitral Proceedings. The Ljubljana Arbitration Rules also provide for the Emergency arbitrator proceedings when a party needs an urgent interim measure that cannot await the constitution of an arbitral tribunal.

The LAC operates in an arbitration-friendly environment. Parties from the region find Slovenia a particularly convenient place of arbitration. This is mainly because Slovenia shares the similarities in terms of language, culture, legal tradition and has established contacts with lawyers in the region and a pool of available arbitrators. Slovenia is also ideally geographically positioned at the crossroad of two main pan-European traffic corridors, easily accessible with good transport connections. Slovenia has adopted a modern, arbitration-friendly, but foremost simple and clear Arbitration Act based on the UNCITRAL Model Law (as amended in 2006). An independent judiciary that possesses a fair amount of experience and expertise in arbitration is respectful of the parties’ choice of arbitration. Slovenia is a member of all major multilateral conventions in the field of international arbitration (most importantly the New York Convention, the European convention, and the ICSID convention) which apply directly and are completely adhered to.

Parties to LAC arbitrations come from Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Kosovo etc. To be able to live up to the expectations of their users from the region, the Ljubljana Arbitration Rules are now available, in addition to the original English and Slovenian versions, in German, Serbian, Macedonian and Croatian, with the Russian and Albanian versions coming soon. The LAC is the only arbitral institution that provides its services to its users from the ex-Yu region in their local languages.

Longstanding experience and unparalleled services in administering commercial disputes involving parties from the regions of the Adriatic and ex-Yu make the LAC a convenient forum for the settlement of commercial disputes in the region.

Compared to other Western-type institutions in the region the LAC’s fees are fairly reasonable.

The Slovenian Arbitration Review