About Us

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.

Who we are

About us

ARBITRI (Association) is a non-profit professional association focused on supporting the creation of a modern system of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H). Such a system contributes to and improves the quality of the business environment, legal services, and the efficiency of the judiciary. Our mission is to enhance the quality of dispute resolution mechanisms in BiH though projects concerned with the education, promotion, and legal reform of arbitration in this jurisdiction.
We closely monitor the changes to the market and advocate for/initiate projects that will ultimately benefit the public.

The guiding principle of our work is the inclusion of individuals, institutions, and organizations of a diverse background. The Association is diligently working on the creation of a network that will enable cooperation between practitioners and academics and enhance the success of ADR related projects. In doing so, we are especially committed to promoting women in dispute resolution and including the leading female lawyers from BiH and beyond in our work.


Our goals for success

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Our team

Co-founder and President

Armela Ramić

Email: a.ramic@associationarbitri.com Phone:+387 61 862 844 WEB:https://ramiclaw.ba/


Nevena Jevremović

Email: n.jevremovic@associationarbitri.com Phone:+387 66 074 587


Emir Sudžuka

Email: e.sudzuka@associationarbitri.com WEB:http://s-law.ba/


Fahira Brodlija

Email: f.brodlija@associationarbitri.com


Arnela Maglić

Email: a.maglic@associationarbitri.com


Irfan Osmanović

Email: i.osmanovic@associationarbitri.com


In our work, we collaborate closely with the key stakeholders from the legal and business communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and beyond. Our partners regularly participate in, and support our activities and initiatives. The regular engagement and exchanges with our partners help us calibrate our work in accordance with the needs of the legal and business community. Our partners include leading domestic and international law firms, government institutions, judicial institutions and international development organizations.