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Association ARBITRI was established by a group of young professionals in 2013 and is committed to making Bosnia and Herzegovina an attractive destination for foreign investors by improving the country’s arbitration framework. 

A modern ADR system contributes to the quality of the business environment, legal services, and the efficiency of the judiciary. Our mission is to enhance the quality of dispute resolution mechanisms in Bosnia though projects concerned with the education, promotion, and legal reform of arbitration in this jurisdiction. We closely monitor the changes to the market and advocate for/initiate projects that will ultimately benefit the public.

The guiding principle of our work is the inclusion of individuals, institutions, and organizations of a diverse background.  The Association is diligently working on the creation of a network that will enable cooperation between practitioners and academics, and enhance the success of ADR related projects. In doing so, we are especially committed to promoting women in dispute resolution and including the leading female lawyers from Bosnia and beyond in our work.