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Arbitration, in general, is a rather new concept in BiH. Although far from ideal, the necessary capacities for an effective arbitration system have been developing in the last few years. Despite these recent changes, there is still a lack of education and training available for young professionals in Bosnia wishing to focus their career in this field or experienced practitioners (i.e. lawyers, judges, and arbitrators) wishing to stay in the loop with the new trends, and develop the necessary skill-sets. There is almost no substantive legal research that critically observes the current legislative framework, identifies existing gaps or calls/provides for efficient solutions.

The Association, with the support of local and international stakeholders, coordinates two initiatives that aim at providing an educational platform for students, practitioners, and academics. First project Рthe BiH Vis Moot Program Рuses the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Moot Competition to educate students, and faculty staff, on international commercial law and arbitration. The second project is focused on strengthening judicial capacities when dealing with arbitration-related cases. This particularly includes advocating for and assisting in the design of training for judges on international commercial arbitration and on the role of the courts in the arbitration process.